Customer Resources

Access Ready Strategic Commitment:

Access Ready Strategic makes every effort to assure that the goods and services from our providers are the best and most accessible available. By purchasing through this site you are supporting our advocacy efforts to assure that all information technology is as accessible as possible. All providers may be assumed to be providing goods and services that are accessible, or are related to access for people with disabilities. If you have any issue with any providers’ goods or services please contact us.

Accessibility Products and Services:

Access Ready Customer Resources is constantly researching and expanding its reach in order to bring the very best goods and services to our business, government and nonprofit customers. The Execution Team regularly reviews policy requirements and compares them to available goods and services in order to bring together the right resources to provide for accessibility under those policy guidelines. The Execution Team measures its success by the growing level of access our goods and services provide to the widest range of disability needs possible. We utilize not only the Federal Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) but seek goods and services that accede those standards. To the Execution Team they are a floor not a ceiling to what is possible, just and inspirational.