Mariano E. Tan

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Biographical profile – Mariano E. Tan

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1. Where were you born and raised?

Answer? In a small suburb of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada

2. Where, what and with whom have you studied?

Answer? I studied computer science at the California State University where I completed a Bachelor of Science in computer science concentrating in real-time systems design and development. When my employer offered to fund my graduate education, I returned to the same university to complete a Master of Science degree in computer science concentrating in artificial intelligence. Since graduating, I’ve continued my education developing a special interest in communications, linguistics and social psychology.

3. Where and what have you done for work over the past ten to twenty years? What accomplishments have pleased you most?

Answer? In my early career I worked happily as a scientific programmer and analyst for a large aerospace and defense firm, but after completing my graduate degree, I was recruited into a management consultancy where I spent the next fifteen years analyzing the business operations of Fortune 1000 clients in the US, Canada, the UK and Japan. After that I joined a large business process outsourcer to head their government operations until I was presented the opportunity to pursue my own venture.

In my career, I’ve been most pleased whenever I’ve been able to apply the operational expertise that I’ve gained to help see complex technology programs to completion. 

4. Where and what positions have you held professionally over the past ten to twenty years? What positions are you most proud of?


In the past twenty years I’ve held four positions:

  1. Vice President of Strategy for the eLoyalty Corporation, a management consultancy specializing in call center operations.
  2. Senior Vice President of Professional Services for TeleTech, a global business process outsourcer.
  3. President, TeleTech Government Solutions.
  4. President and CEO of Prosodica. A technology company focused on developing technology to humanize the contact center experience.

I’m most proud of my time with TeleTech Government Solutions because it afforded me the opportunity to create thousands of well-paying jobs in economically challenged communities throughout the US during the years immediately following the financial crisis of 2008.

I’m also looking forward to being proud of the work we’re doing at Prosodica because I believe that technology will help improve the experience of working in a call center.

5. How did you first become interested in your field originally How old were you?

Answer? I grew up planning to pursue a career in medicine, but a freshman computer science class in college, my first formal computer science course in fact, sparked a curiosity and interest in technology that I still maintain today.

6. What do you think is distinct about your professional style?

Answer? I try to recognize that situations, whether good or bad, are temporary. That helps me maintain effectiveness in tough business situations.

7. What aspects of your profession do you like the most/ what do you do best?

Answer? I genuinely like working and collaborating creatively with my colleagues and clients.

8. Are there other people in your family in the same or similar profession? What was your upbringing like?

Answer? My entire family is in the medical profession. I was brought up to believe that medicine was the only way to truly help people. I’m hoping to prove there’s at least one more way.

9. What are your goals for your career?

Answer? I hope to look back on a career where I’ve accomplished more than just making a living.

10. If you had one thing to say about your profession, life or learning, that you want others to know about you what would it be?

Answer? I’ve always had a happy disposition and a positive outlook towards life in general.  However, it has only been recently I’ve understood the blessing that is.

34042 Bedford Lane     Phone 303-669-8600 Dana Point, CA 92629     E-mail [email protected]

Mariano E. Tan

Profile Strategic business executive with a strong track record of business development and growth in a diverse range of functional roles including: 

  • President of a $100MM BPO and ITO services business
  • P&L leader of a $30MM professional services business 
  • Regional leader of a $26MM technology services consultancy 
  • Practice leader of a $20MM strategic consultancy
  • Sales lead for a $16MM software as a service (SaaS) business

Professional                  President

Experience                    TeleTech Government Solutions


Englewood, CO

             President of TeleTech Government Solutions a wholly-owned subsidiary of TeleTech

Holdings Inc.  TTGS is composed of 500 permanent and 4000 seasonal professionals servicing Federal contracts for non-personal call center and technology services.  Using a combination of new service offerings and alternative contracting methodologies, this business was able to grow from $17MM in 2008 to over $100MM in 2010.  Strong operating discipline also dramatically improved the division’s profitability making TTGS the most profitable component of TeleTech’s global business in 2010.  This role emphasized strategic leadership, operations management and market development.    

                                      Senior Vice President, Professional Services

TeleTech Holdings, Inc.


Englewood, CO

                                          Senior Vice President and leader of TeleTech’s global Professional Services and onDemand technology business.  The professional services business represents 200 professionals providing management consulting and technical services to both the government business and to the global TeleTech business overall.  This was a bootstrap business which was grown to $30MM in direct revenue in its first 2.5 years based largely on the development of an operational analytics technology, and methodology, for outsourced customer relationship management.  This role emphasizes sales and consulting services delivery.   

                                      Vice President, Marketing Solutions 

eLoyalty Corporation


Lake Forest, IL

                                          Vice President of eLoyalty’s Marketing Solutions service line responsible for product strategy, marketing and development of solutions based on eLoyalty’s Behavioral

Analytics™ technology.   This line of business delivered approximately $16MM annually in direct revenue from software hosting and consulting services supported by a staff of 50 resources.  This role emphasized on product management, sales and project management.  

                                      Vice President, Strategy and Value Management

eLoyalty Corporation

                                                                                                                    Lake Forest, IL


     Managing Vice President of eLoyalty’s Strategy and Value Management group.  The group

of 30+ specialized consultants provided situational assessment and business strategy for eLoyalty’s highest value and emerging clients while developing knowledge capital for emerging service offerings.  The services provided by this group focused on Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention strategies driving $15MM – $20MM annually in direct and converted (sold) revenue at the highest average margins achieved in the company.   

    Vice President, West Practice Area eLoyalty Corporation
    1998-2001 San Francisco, CA
    Business and Delivery Manager for Western operations of eLoyalty responsible for multiple client engagements servicing a $26MM annual revenue base and providing approximately 20% of total area revenue.  Directly responsible for the recruiting and development of 60+ consulting resources and the management of five to seven anchor accounts.  Also responsible for the institution of a lab-based remote delivery model for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package deployment.       
    Vice President, Telecommunications Practice Technology Solutions Company
    1996-1998 Chicago, IL
    Regional Manager of Western Engagements for TSC’s Telecommunications Practice.  This practice involved approximately 25 strategy consultants focused on regulatory and build-out strategy for both start up and incumbent telecommunications firms.  Responsibilities included business development and account management, personnel development, revenue management, and internal business strategy.    
    Senior Principal / Principal, Manufacturing / Aerospace and Defense Practice Technology Solutions Company
    1991-1996 Dallas, TX
    Project Manager and Team Leader for several large and strategic client engagements managing technical teams of over 45 developers in a geographically distributed environment.  Responsibilities included team leadership, technical architecture and systems development.  Provided domain expertise in systems integration and data conversion technologies.  Designed and implemented complex custom applications to support shop floor control, inventory management, order management, customer management, Product Data Management (PDM) and Available to Promise (ATP) systems.  
      Scientific Analyst and Member of the Technical Staff Northrop Advanced Systems Division
    1989-1991 Pico Rivera, CA
      Technical Team leader for client-server development of leading edge applications developed as part of a DoD sponsored factory-of-the-future initiative.  Responsibilities included project administration, application design, systems administration and training.  Led highly productive technical teams of 5-8 developers in a Unix-based development environment.  Specified and developed custom applications to support shop floor control, finite job scheduling and inventory control.  Managed sub-contractor to develop an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).  
Education   Master of Science, Computer Science                California State University, Fullerton       Artificial Intelligence       
      Bachelor of Science, Computer Science             California State University, Fullerton                     Real-time Systems Design  
Other   Orange County Symphony                                President (2003 – 2006) Anaheim, CA                                                      Financial Operations Director (2000 – 2003)                                                                           Member ASCAP and BMI

Key Business The establishment of TeleTech Government Solutions (TTGS) as a respected provider of

Accomplishments specialized solutions to the US Federal Government.  In less than two years TTGS secured new contracts with a cumulative annual value of over $80MM and delivered more than $150MM in profitable revenue to TeleTech. Among its notable programs, TTGS is was the prime contractor of technical support services for the FCC’s DTV transition program and was the provider of telephony systems for the US Census Bureau’s 2010 Census.

The development of a new consulting practice for TeleTech that leverages analytics technology and management consulting to sell technology implementation and hosted computing services to TeleTech’s embedded base accounts.  Originally launched with a $2MM annual revenue target, this business has grew to over $30MM in less than 3 years.  

The design of a method and toolset for analyzing and optimizing contact center operations in order to enhance entanglement with TeleTech’s embedded accounts through the provision of specialized analytical services and customer-focused data.  This newly developed analytical service utilizes both speech and predictive analytics to identify and model operational improvements in the context of various desired outcomes.  TeleTech has applied for patents for the technology and methods developed as part of this program.

The development of a Strategic Consulting Practice which became eLoyalty’s highest-utilized skill group providing innovative strategies and solutions to clients while methodically developing eLoyalty’s delivery capacity and improving its delivery efficiency.  In addition to providing quality services, this group was also instrumental in supporting business development activities for large-scale and complex business initiatives.  The group maintained an average utilization of over 70% with voluntary attrition under 15%.

The conception and development of a software factory model for efficient service delivery in a resource-constrained technology environment.  The Accelerated Package Engineering group in eLoyalty was developed to respond to ongoing pressure from clients and competition to deliver customized CRM solutions based on vendor packages in shorter timeframes with lesser costs.  Given the scarcity of properly trained talent, the group leveraged a solutions assembly approach to software development, using a blend of on-site and off-site (factorybased) technologists and analysts, to deliver a dozen systems implementations in its 18month operational lifespan with an average return of over 75% directly contributed margin.  While operational, this group experienced no voluntary attrition.

Hands on development of a strategic consulting practice (TSC’s Telecommunications practice) to reposition the company in the consulting value-chain while providing enhanced opportunities for add-on revenue creation for the firm.  This task involved the recruiting and development of specialized talent that would enhance the footprint of TSC’s classically technology oriented service portfolio.  

The management of the implementation of the supporting applications for the teleservice, field service and field sales staff of a Medical Imaging Systems provider.  This position afforded opportunities to influence critical design sessions, facilitate organizational restructuring and drive strategic alignment of the project with the executive steering committee.  The first phase of implementation involved over 45 dedicated resources over a ten-month timeframe.  The technology-enabled business processes designed in concert with this system was credited with a $30MM improvement in sales bookings over its first six months of implementation leading the client to launch a follow-on project to globalize the system for other operations.   

Project management of the development of an integrated order fulfillment application for the refrigerated foods consolidation of a major food manufacturing and distribution company.   This effort required over 55 developers to custom build a full suite of order fulfillment applications over more than 2 years.