Donny Ward

Donny Ward

Biographical profile

Born in Caruthersville, Missouri and raised in Memphis, Tennessee

University of Tennessee (Martin) – B.S. Degree- Education with emphasis on Social Science and Public Administration

Jackson State Community College – A.S. Degree – Social Science – Magna Cum Laude

Elected Captain of baseball teams at Jackson State and University of Tennessee (Martin)

Have had the pleasure of leading “high performance” sales and services teams for over 30 years. Have had the benefit of working for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations. Have been exposed to world class leadership, service, and sales training from outstanding trainers and coaches. Have had the opportunity to be inspired and to provide inspirational leadership to thousands of professionals over the years. Have benefited from the friendship and relationships from many associates and customers. Have had the opportunity to support general business and the world’s largest corporations.

Have served on several Boards of Directors for many years. Had the opportunity to serve as mentor to fellow employees and several young men.

Held individual contributor, Vice President and Senior Vice President roles at several hghly regarded corporations outlined below:

AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, The VIA Group, Juniper Networks, HPE, and most recently Black Box Network Services

Was inspired by my parents to pursue a career in sales and customer service. Did “ride alongs” with my father at a young age as he worked in medical sales. Was inspied by my mother to work in service-related industry as I observed her bring together diverse groups of people to serve a common interest.

Committed to stewardship and leading by serving others.

Rewarding and fulfilling to support associates to optimize their growth and development. Also rewarding to bring together a group of associates to accomplish a mission or a shared set of goals.

Was raised in a “tough” neighborhood in North Memphis. Had the benefit of a great family and many close friends. Participated in competitive athletics for most of the early years and in college. Watched and learned (unknowingly at the time) how to be a professional in a chosen profession or field from both of my parents. Only recently come to realize that not every child experienced this dynamic in their upbringing.

My goal is to finish strong at this point in my career. My desire is to leave a legacy or “brand” where my colleagues and associates say he represented the following values and attibutes: integrity, inspirational, high performance, results oriented, compassionate, gentle, community involved, genuine, and met ALL people “where they are”.

Strong feelings of thankfulness and gratitude  for the blessing to have been able to serve associates and customers for so many years which  allowed me to grow and develop while supporting my family.