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Debra Roberts-Bellanti

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Debra Roberts-Bellanti

Biographical profile

Debra Roberts-Bellanti was born in Ft. Myers, Florida one of 5 siblings.

She Graduated in 1990 from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications.

She has worked in the Marketing Industry for over 27 years. Having owned her own marketing firms to working as Director of Marketing for corporations.

Her career she has risen quickly into leadership positions as Art Director, Creative Director, General Manager, Director of Marketing Communications and political candidate for State Legislator. In each instance she has a right to be proud of the work she has done.

At a young age she was blessed with an artistic gift, like many in her family. Some of her relatives actually worked professionally at their craft in movie set design and as commercial artists. She entered her first artistic contest in middle school and won and it was then she knew there was opportunity for her there.

She is a self-described unicorn in a sensible world. She has the ability to understand computer code and think linearly while still being a creative. This has helped her “translate” ideas and thoughts those groups/clients who are having difficulty getting their ideas across to the vendors/partners they hire.

What she loves most about her profession is that we are able to see the fruits of our labor rather quickly. What she dislikes the most is that in some areas of the country too much weight is put on awards and peer recognition versus actual return on investment and success ratios.

She had several family members who worked in the creative arts field. She was brought up in a home that embraced the arts and music. Always creating and playing music.

The first goal for her career has stayed true since opening her first company and that is to provide the professional and quality services for her clients on time and within budget. Other than that, career goals would be to use her expertise to not only help her clients but to also help non-profit and community organizations on a pro-bono basis. Her last goal is to also mentor small business owners so she can help grow more businesses in her community.

She believes that you should never stop learning. Learning about your craft, skill sets, new trends in your industry. A wide variety of interests only make you better at your craft.