Report on request for Access Ready Strategic

Report on request for Access Ready Strategic Social Purpose Corporation

for-profit Board of Directors Action by 09-15-2020

Title, Action on 2019-2020 Social Benefit Report

Issued on 09-08-2020

Honorable members of the Access Ready Strategic Board of Directors,

Under the bylaws Article VII Section 9 as Chair I am requesting that you vote on the following agenda electronically

A simple response to the Chair-CEO by email will be registered by the Chair-CEO and then filed with the corporate Secretary.

A notice of this action will then be placed on the Consent Agenda and included in the Board package for the next formal meeting.

Your vote in this format does have the force and effect of an action in a formal board meeting. The Consent Agenda vote is a formality intended to give the Board a second look at actions taken electronically. Please reply to all when responding.

The voting on this agenda will be open until 5 pm on 09-15-2020

A failure to respond will automatically register as an affirmative or yes vote on the agenda.

May it please the Board, the Chair-CEO respectfully requests approval of the attached ARS 2019-2020 Social Benefit Report.

As required under ARS bylaws ARTICLE VI – ANNUAL BENEFIT REPORT which states:

“Section 1. Annual Benefit Report. The Board of Directors shall prepare or cause to prepare, a social purpose annual benefit report to shareholders required under s. 607.512. The report shall address the following matters:

(A) Whether the social purpose corporation in all material respects acted in accordance with its public benefit purpose and describe the specific public benefits that were served during the period covered by the report.

(B) Any circumstances that hindered the pursuit of such purposes.

(C) Whether the directors and officers complied with Part II, Social Purpose Corporations statutes set forth in Section 607. 501 et seq.

(D) Whether the social purpose corporation or its directors or officers failed to comply with paragraph (A) or §. 607.507(1) or §. 607.509(1), including a description of the ways in which the social purpose corporation or its directors or officers failed to comply.

Section 2. Delivery and Posting of Annual Benefit Report. The Corporation shall deliver the annual benefit report to each shareholder within one hundred twenty (120) days of the close of the Corporations fiscal year. Additionally, the Corporation shall post the most recent annual benefit report to the public portion of its website and retain copies of such reports on the web site for at least three years.”

In keeping with these requirements, the attached report is offered for your consideration. In the future we will track efforts more closely in a quarterly formatted report. We are not required to file this with the state of Florida, but we are required to post it to our website for a minimum of three years as stated above.

Elizabeth Campbell yes

Gust Dean Doulou Vice-Chair Yes

Donny Ward Yes without objection

John Medcalf Yes without objection

Mariano Tan Yes without objection

Carol Westlake Yes

Board of Directors Actions completed by 09-15-2020

Certified Corey R. Saur

Corporate Secretary