Our Board of Directors

The Access Ready Strategic (for-profit) (ARS) Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Access Ready Inc (ARI) (nonprofit) Board who hold 60% of the seats while 40% are held by industry leaders, technology and disability experts. As the 100% owner of ARS the ARI Board appoints the 60% majority and that majority chooses those who are invited to fill the remaining seats.

Anyone interested in serving on the ARS Board as an industry leader, technology or disability expert is invited to submit their resume through the contact link above.

As with the ARI (nonprofit) Board the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer are non-voting positions.

Debra Roberts Bellanti – Market Relations Chair

Elizabeth Campbell – Chair of News Media

Gust Dean Doulou – Vice Chair

David Mickey Ellis – Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

John Medcalf – Chair of Voting Technology

Corey R. Saur – Secretary and Chief Communications Officer

Mariano E. Tan – Chair of Global Strategies

Douglas George Towne – Chair-Chief executive officer

Carol Westlake – Chair of Coalition Relations

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