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CommonLook is a proud sponsor of Access Ready, Inc.

CommonLook®  is a global leader in electronic document accessibility, providing software products, professional services and world-class training.

Get ready for faster, more cost-efficient and more reliable processes for achieving compliance with the leading PDF and document accessibility standards, including WCAG, PDF/UA and Section 508.

CommonLook’s product family makes the creation, remediation and management of accessible PDF and Microsoft Office documents easier than ever before and its services ensure best-in-class remediation results as the only provider of a comprehensive Section 508 or WCAG compliance certificate for each remediated document.

The Best of Two Worlds

Most clients use a hybrid approach that outsources manual remediation for critical documents while learning how to remediate them in-house. For obvious reasons, time-sensitive and mission-critical documents are often outsourced.

CommonLook Hybrid approach: proprietary software, professional remediation services and world-class pdf accessibility training

The typical implementation approach for clients starts with remediating low-hanging fruit (the shorter, less-complex documents) in-house and the overflow (the longer, more complex, or even just too numerous for available resources to handle) documents via outsourced partners.

Clients wishing to do the work with internal resources need to use the best software tools to do a quality job and have the ability to test their work and create a compliance report.

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Global clients are served through offices in Arlington, VA; Ottawa, Canada; and Melbourne, Australia. Customers include government departments and agencies, institutes of higher education, financial and healthcare enterprises, and major corporations.

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Authorized Resource designation

CommonLook was designated an Access Ready Authorized Resource on November 1, 2018. This designation was recommended by Douglas George Towne Chair and Chief Executive Officer and confirmed by the Board of Directors of Access Ready Inc.
This action was taken in recognition of their significant investment in product and service development, for their provision of a vital solution related to the Access Ready information technology policy strategy and their excellent customer service record.