Business, Government and Non-Profit Opportunities

Access Ready provides a host of goods and services to assist the business, government and nonprofit sectors with their drive to be as accessible as possible. 

Through Access Ready Consulting (link) you will find a range of experts available to help with an ever-expanding array of advice and guidance. 

Through Access Ready Learning (Link) you will find a growing and constantly updating curriculum of study pathways designed to assist policy makers, technical experts and advocates. 

Through Access Ready People (link) you will find real life stories about how accessible information technologies are changing people’s lives, improving outcomes and bettering the economic outlook for all concerned. 

Through Access Ready Customer Resources (link) you will find a growing index of goods and services designed to solve the accessibility issues that present themselves every day. You will also find an open line to our researchers who can assist you in finding new goods and services to help with a specific opportunity not addressed by existing indexed solutions.