Business Opportunities

For goods and service providers who offer accessible and/or adaptive solutions to
general or specific issues related to disability we welcome engagement with you. No
matter what disability your goods or services are designed to assist we have a place for
you. Our Advocate Monitors are constantly looking for solutions that can assist the
business, government and nonprofit entities they are working with every day.
Joining with us means a steady flow of potential customers in exchange for a
reasonable fee or commission on sold goods or services depending on the engagement
opportunity you choose.
To discuss specific terms and costs contact us (link) to speak with Chair-CEO Doug
Towne or call him directly at 727-531-1000 EXT 111.
Through Access Ready Campaigns (link) your organization can support and benefit
from our website survey and email campaigns called Strategy One. The Strategy One
campaign reaches out to business, government and nonprofits with the results of our
surveys to engage them in policy discussions that lead to their recognizing the need for
your goods and services.
Through Access Ready Consulting (link) you can channel your expertise to assist
business, government and nonprofits with their accessibility challenges.
Through Access Ready Learning (Link) you can provide your expertise in the form of
training classes or even guest lectures on specific subjects. These can include goods
and service presentations on the effective use of your products.
Through Access Ready People (link) you can participate as an advertiser providing
advertorial stories about how your goods and services are improving the lives of people
with disabilities. You can also sponsor stories about how a lack of accessibility is
harming people with disabilities in specific circumstances.
Through Access Ready Customer Resources (link) your goods and services will be
listed by type, disability and purpose so those business, government and nonprofits in
need can find you.